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Store nameisetan Cosmetics
Isetan cosmetics
Place:LUCUA 1100 2F
Contact information06-4301-3808
Business hoursFrom 10:00 to 21:00


"Story ... which My Changing Story - I turn into beautifully" in concept from point of view of the beauty for woman with "transformation" desire,
In space being aware of "the stage", we introduce selected product from both sides of body skin care and makeup.
It is cosmetic shop which had selectable wide service across fence of brand.

①Wide sale service

Wide service is provided until care in cabin room by ・ self-testing.
We entertain by high waiting on customers by stylist who acquired qualification about various cosmetics including ・ KOLOR adviser and the aromatherapy official approval first grade.

②Wide handling item

We add to ・ luxury, natural cosmetics and we edit goods supplementing "transformation" concerned and unfold.
※Goods concerned…Body care items such as makeup accessory, soap, shampoo such as nails.

Handling brand

<Jo Malone London> <John Masters Organics select> <FANCL>
<Isetan cosmetics> (Addiction / shu uemura / Yves Saint Laurent / Dior / nazu /
A lot of RMK/ LUNASOL / Lancome / Sisley /SK-II/ three / CLINIQUE / kobako / guranjie / fragrance / et al.)


  • Jo Malone London [cosmetics] 06-6341-2066
  • Isetan cosmetics [cosmetics] 06-4301-3808
  • John Masters Organics select [cosmetics] 06-6225-7234
  • FANCL [cosmetics] 06-6341-1666